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Select 'Ship' when checking out


We now offer Express Shipping within NSW

Sydney 2-5 days
4-10 days
NSW Express 3-4 days
Australia 7-12 days
15-30 days
Note: We do not ship any baked goods or fresh items.


Select 'Pick up' when checking out


All our baked goods are made in house and can’t be shipped for obvious reasons. So we offer a pick up in store option!

That’s why we’ve added a pick up option. So if you have a cart full of a bunch of different stuff, including a fresh item, then your whole cart will be available for pick up only.

If you want some fresh Fika and some shipped items, simply place two separate orders.

Gift idea: You can also place an order for someone else. Just pick a date and time for the order to be ready and tell your friend to pop down and pick their surprise gift up <3


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