Saffron Bun / Lussebulle

Saffron Bun / Lussebulle

Available at Fika: December

A warm, sweet, mouth melting, yellow little saffron bun richer than gold.

Saffron buns are a sweet Christmas bun spiced with saffron and a true favourite for many Swedes. It takes 150 000 flowers of Crocus Sativus to make 1 kilogram of saffron and that’s why saffron is more expensive than gold per gram.

The saffron bun originally called Lusse-cat is named after the devil Lucifer. The story goes back to the 1600 century when people believed that the devil showed up in a shape as a cat. Lucifer is said to be afraid of the light so they baked catlike buns with saffron, a bright colour to keep the devil away. It was common to give saffron buns to children in protection of the devil. Today the bun is associated with celebrating Saint Lucia the 13th of December and many Swedes believe that the name Lusse-bun comes from Lucia.

Today saffron bun means Christmas and its something you would have with your fika in December or for Advent. Each year these popular Christmas buns are baked and sold earlier and earlier. It seems like the craving for a warm yellow saffron bun is too powerful to resist, to be able to wait all the way to December.