Schlagerfestivalen / Eurovision


As true Europeans we're 100% Eurovision lovers and we've even hosted our very own Eurovision viewing parties over the years. 

The story goes that Europe invented Eurovision post world war two as a way to bring happiness back to the people. As crazy as it sometimes can be, who wouldn't support that spirit. It's a show that allows people to let loose and be as mild, medium or spicy as they want to be. 

Sweden's taken part in 58 Eurovision finals since 1958.

Here's a list of all Swede's who've won over the years. 

- 1974 with ABBA and the song "Waterloo"

- 1984 with Herreys and the song "Dilli-Loo Diggi-ley"

- 1991 with Carola and the song "Fångad av en stormvind"

- 1999 with Charlotte Nilsson and the song "Take me to your heaven"

- 2012 with Loreen and the song "Euphoria"

- 2015 with Måns Zelmerlöv and the song "Heroes"


EUROVISION 2016 at Fika from Diana Chirilas on Vimeo.