Kanelbulledagen / Cinnamon Bun Day

There is a lot of Swedish food to celebrate but there is nothing like our lovely cinnamon bun. Swedes can reminisce in the smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns from their childhood. If it wasn’t your mum (or dad) baking it, you might have experienced the smell at your grandmother’s or a friends place. And you knew, it soon will be time to sit down and have a fika with yummy warm cinnamon buns and a glass of milk.

By Caroline Brandelius 

The Swedish baking organisation Hembakningsrådet decided in 1999 that the cinnamon bun should have its own day and be celebrated every year the 4th of October. This year the cinnamon day will celebrate 20 years. The baking organisation’s primary mission is to encourage the population of Sweden to bake more. And yes indeed are we baking more, especially all the cafes around the country. Around 7 million cinnamon buns are sold that day and at least 51 percent of the population eats a bun, or two.

There are heaps of different shapes and twists on the cinnamon bun. The classic one is filled with butter, sugar and cinnamon and have the shape of a spiral. But there are buns filled with vanilla, almond paste, blueberries, chocolate and the list goes on. Some people love to have it with a glass of milk or lemonade, but a cup of coffee might be the most popular choice. If you ever had frozen buns in your school bag for the field trips in the winter. You know how good it is to dip them in hot chocolate too. We all have our own way to enjoy this delightful bun.

So why do we love this bun so much? If you’re a Swede abroad or just traveling you know how quick the craving for a cinnamon bun hits you. It might be one of the first things you miss from home. The classic fika with a cup of Swedish brewed coffee and a freshly baked cinnamon bun. It is so much more than just a fika. It is a bite of childhood and soon you will have a whole film playing in your head of Swedish memories, while eating your bun. There is no better way to travel home cheap and quick, by getting yourself a freshly baked cinnamon bun.

All day we will be serving freshly baked cinnamon buns. Come and enjoy one of our favourite days of the year. Get your bun with a Swedish brew coffee or a barista coffee and let the bun take you all the way home. And if you’re not from Sweden, come and enjoy the best bun in the world!